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November 6, 2014
November 6, 2014

flightscope2It’s November, which means the snow is only a few weeks away. Now for most die-hards out there, this brings on such sadness, as it the end of the summer golf season.

Well, I am happy to sit here and remind you that just because the snow is falling, it doesn’t mean that you have to stop swinging!

Indoor Winter golf in Canada is one the best kept secrets in this game. In a way, the indoor golf season is a nice reprieve as it forces us to truly practice without being distracted by playing, like we are in the summer.

I urge you to find a local indoor golf academy, make use of their technology and keep practicing your game. When next summer rolls around, the hard work you put in all winter will have paid off! Golf used to be just a 6-7 month sport, but now with the awesome technology we have access to, pros can truly have a successful business year round.

Just yesterday I was a guest speaker at the Flightscope Certification Course, speaking about how this  technology allows juniors to hone their games. The crowd was enamoured with my stories of how Flightscope helped my juniors come out of last winter hitting 50-60 yards longer.

Juniors love the Flightscope technology as it simulates more video game-esque play. If you’d like to come try this technology out, come see us at our indoor winter academy at 1233 Dillon Rd in Burlington

Option to Quit Makes us Work Harder!

April 4, 2014
April 4, 2014

This is a great post by Greg Marker a trainer who has actually shown that if we are given the option to quit we actually TRY harder, finish tasks and attain goals. Believe it or not!


This article leads directly to a discussion I was having with a parent about their daughter who has ADHD and during our lessons I have found it tremendously successful when she gets frustrated and down on herself, to give her the option to QUIT or she can decide what it is she wants to do. Now that’s not saying I allow her to end the lesson or walk out, but I simply put the decision in HER hands and it is an incredible motivator.

As coaches I think this is a vital part of our learning as we have to be able to know who we are coaching and how to motivate them as best we can. I guess sometimes it takes the “Road less Travelled”.

Read his article here:


Come On Pros…GET DOWN with it!

February 24, 2014
February 24, 2014

I’m 6’3 …. I remember growing up that my Dad would bring his colleague over, Norm whom I thought was the tallest man I had ever seen! ( I was 6 at the time) But I do remember looking WAY up and at times it was a little intimidating. So imagine the thoughts going through ANY and ALL of your Juniors under the age of 12. You are an adult. YOU”RE HUGE in their eyes! They are a kid. They equate your size, stature and appearance to that of their school teachers and their parents.


So where they could be perceiving you as an authority figure or a potential “negative” influence on them, here is your BIGGEST and EASIEST way to show them you are not a threat…..



Kneel, squat, sit, bend over, whatever you do I can guarantee the MINUTE you do this and are now looking them right in their tiny little faces, you are going to WIN far more than you will lose their attention! Why?


Here are my TOP 5 reasons why this works and is something you need to do:

1. Leggo your Ego – Who cares what you look like! Lose the ego and you’ll gain massive influence

2. Kid Level – Now you’re on their level their eyes can fix on YOU and not wander all over looking up and around

3. It Shows You Care – Now they believe you are interested in THEM


4. Gain Perspective – Take a Look around at what is at their eye level cuz it’s been a LONG time since you’ve been that small

5. It’s ALL about Them – The more you show a desire to be on their level and listen to what they are saying, the more there is no fear, no worry and no anxiety.

TRUST ME! Before you know it your kids won’t leave you alone and you will suddenly realize that being a small person comes with a whole different perspective….try it!

GET DOWN ON IT! Your kids will love you for it!

Golf Tip for Crisper Iron Shots

January 10, 2014
January 10, 2014

Hey just thought you might like to see this little video I recorded at the FGG Indoor Academy. If you have a problem with hitting those iron shots that are solid, crisp, and pierce the air then this video will get you there. Enjoy!

Hey Mr. Marshal … Think before you speak!

December 31, 2013
December 31, 2013

This post is to all those golf course marshals / play co-ordinators / starters and attendants who need a friendly reminder to THINK before they speak the next time they speak to a slow moving group on the course:

This story was told to me yesterday by the father of a young 10 year old girl I coach. It made me want to share it and remember that Jr. Girls Rock!

“Funny story happened today.  She was paired up with a senior husband and wife.   The husband was not bad but the wife was …. Well let’s just say not the best I have seen.   The round was very slow.    After the turn, the Marshall who I did not see all day shows up out of the blue and drives up to my cart and says “do think you can pick up you daughters ball every once an while so we can speed up play”   I politely said “sir I am not sure I understand what you are requesting.   My daughter is 1 over through 9 what exactly do you want me to do”.    Alyssa who was standing not too far away heard the conversation and was so mad. She walked up to the golf cart took her ball from the cart walked to the tee box and bombed 180 yard drive right down the middle of the fairway.   The Marshall said “I am sorry I should not have assumed she was playing slow.”   At the end of the round he was waiting for us on the 18th hole and again apologized in person to Alyssa  after she made par….. Just love seeing that stuff people always assume girls can’t play.  Especially Jr.  girls. I Just Love it.    Don’t mess with her!”



So don’t be surprised if you get to the golf course this season and you are greeted by a scene such as this and hear the words: “WE GOT NEXT!”

I suggest you just stand and watch!

Hit Longer Drives – Sequence For Distance

December 9, 2013
December 9, 2013

One of the biggest keys to hitting longer drives is utilizing the stored power available in an efficient swing sequence. So today we wanted to share with you a great practice drill to improve your swing sequence and this applies if you are a junior golfer or weekend warrior.

One of the biggest reasons golfers fail to hit consistent long powerful golf shots is they have the wrong swing sequence. Read more

Focus Golf Group Moves Indoors

November 7, 2013
November 7, 2013

Read a Blog post written in Golf News Now about our moving into the Burlington Fitness & Racquet Club.

Click HERE for the article

Click HERE for the Winter Academy Details

Coaching the Child

October 28, 2013
October 28, 2013

Web_Birdies2AMy close friend Kate Tempesta ( is one of the leading child development golf instructors and an inspiration to myself. I wanted to share with you her latest blog post on “Coaching the Child”. I hope you enjoy it.

Doug Lawrie Profile in Ontario Golf News

May 14, 2013
May 14, 2013

Great story in Ontario Golf News about Director of Instruction and FGG Academy owner, Doug Lawrie:

Where do you take it?

February 7, 2013
February 7, 2013

I remember early on in my golf career speaking with a member at the club I worked at just north of Toronto. I had only begun my teaching of golf, and was still very green in what I “knew” vs what I “thought I knew” . The discussion was the member telling me that my little tip to “take the club a little inside” on the way back helped him to produce a “draw”. I was very happy with this and continued to think this was “the norm” for a little bit…..

Boy was I wrong! Over the course of my 20+ years since this “revelation” I have seen what is the “norm” in the takeaway for the Golf Swing. This movement sets your swing. It controls the delivery, the pace, the ability to sequence it, and most of all can really be an easy fix for those of you “come over the top” At the Focus Golf Group Academy we use our 5 steps to success program to help Build you a Road Map to better golf.  The evaluation covers all aspects of your swing and allows a Focus Golf Group Academy professional to pin point the exact place your swing breaks down.

Outside of the setup the TAKEAWAY is the root of most problems. WHY? Let’s go back to my little tip I gave the member oh, 20 years ago or so. Look at this picture of PGA Championship winner Keegan Bradley taken from a recent Golf Digest article:

Keegan INside takeawayNotice where the club is? This is the most common fault of the TAKEAWAY I find. It flattens out your swing (like a hula hoop) and results in your body reacting by “lifting” the club UP and over your shoulder. This then sets your upper body to start the delivery of the swing, creating that dreaded “over the top” move leading to slices, poor ball striking and errant shots.



KLeegan Proper FormConversely, lets take a look at where the club is on this picture on the right. Notice that while the hand position at this point in the takeaway is the same the club is performing completely different. Keegan has not let the club head get behind his hands as in the first picture. This is going to allow him to lever (hinge) the club in a correct fashion. This will also promote a shaft that will stay on plane (angle in relation to the ball) because his elbows are able to stay closer together too. 

If you like this kinda stuff and are looking for more instruction throw your contact info in the form below and I will send you 3 FREE videos from my Personal archive of swing fixes.

– Doug

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