FGG – University

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Welcome to Focus Golf Group University!

FGG University has 5 Levels of Development.  


1. Freshman – Early Birdies


FGGU_Sophmore2. Sophomore – Learn to Play



3. Junior – Learn to Compete



4. Senior – Play to Compete



5. Masters – Year Around Curriculum



Each Level of FGG University has different achievable goals and benchmarks for the Junior to achieve.

These are based around 5 Key Core Elements.


1. Putting   2. Around the Green   3. Full Swing   4. Knowledge of the Game   5. Joy of Play


In these graduation-based levels, each Junior will have the chance to be tested and reach benchmarks in their game development. We believe in nurturing the WHOLE golfer and this is why in each level we cover an increasing load of golf skill.


We follow the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) model of encouragement and development.


The PCA employs the practice of a Double Goal coach whose first goal is winning, and whose second, more-important goal, is teaching life lessons through sports.


Positive Coaching

The Double Goal Coach does the following:

1. Model & teach players to Honour the Game

2. Help players redefine what it means to be a winner

3. Fill players Emotional Tanks

4. We ask questions, communicate and encourage player to speak     about what they are learning