Titleist & The Focus Golf Group

The Focus Golf Group is PROUD to be a member of Team Titleist. Titleist is synonymous with excellence and as the manufacturer of the #1 golf ball in the world, partnering with Titleist is equally represented through the FGG Brand.

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ALL FGG Juniors have the ability to experience the very BEST when it comes to getting the correct clubs in their hands! We are proud to partner with TOUR EXPERIENCE GOLF (TXG)
TOUR EXPERIENCE GOLF is dedicated to providing it’s customers with a Tour Quality custom fit and build experience.  Whether you are just starting the game or you’ve been working at it for years, our expert knowledge and advice, makes TXG a must for any golf enthusiast. TXG was founded by Ian Fraser, PGA.  Having worked in Club Fitting at every level, including the PGA Tour, Ian wanted to show that EVERYONE can benefit from using the proper equipment.  By having every brand available under one roof, no customer leaves wondering if there is something better out there.  Buying the right clubs no longer comes with a risk.  With a money back guarantee, if you don’t see results with your new clubs, means that customer satification is our number one priority. 
They want you to not only PLAY BETTER but ultimately PLAY YOUR BEST and it starts w FGG & TXG! 


Edufii Coaching Spaces – In the space of a generation, how athletes train and learn is being reinvented. While physical excellence and skilled performance continue to be the foundation for champions, digital learning tools are revolutionizing coaching. Like the transformation of the classroom, so go the field, court, track and greens: transformed by the power of mobile, wearable technology, easy capture of real-time data, and ability for instantaneous feedback.Look Your Best – Play Your  /  Best Durability – Dependability


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Focus Golf Group Academy is a PROUD member of the Flightscope WORLD-WIDE Advisory Board. FlightScope club- and ball-tracking data, in conjunction with simultaneous swing video, enable a golf instructor to explain more effectively than with swing video alone

  • Students experience a more rapid learning curve using FlightScope feedback, combined with swing video
  • FlightScope does not require a separate PC and can be run merely by adding a cost-effective 2nd LCD monitor to the same PC

In golf instruction, the use of video swing analysis is well understood and widely used. It is common practice to compare a student’s swing video to a reference player, often a PGA Tour Professional. Using video analysis alone provides visual feedback about the action for each player, but adding FlightScope club and ball tracking provides precise quantitative data of the club and ball travel as a result of the golf swing.t-stroke-content-webT-Stroke Putting Aid Development

Designed by British Short Game Guru Andy Gorman, the FGG Academy is a proud supplier of both the T-stroke and Arc Putting Mat. EVERY member of The FGG Jr. Academy Elite Program train & win with this proven putting system. Arc mat

Professionals on tour are constantly looking for improvements in their Alignment, Rhythm and to feel Connection through their swing. ARC has used these core fundamentals in our design, development and production of T-Stroke bringing a putting training aid that will help improve all standards of golfer.