“I love golf because of Coach Doug. He is funny and awesome. Golf lessons were always fun because of Coach Doug. I can’t wait to go back.”

Carter Fulkerson, Aged 7 

We just wanted to thank Coach Doug for yet another great golf season. Carter learnt a lot from Doug both on and off the course. Whether it be about discipline and respect or learning new golf techniques, Doug made it fun for the kids and the kids knew what to expect from him. Doug is patient and is fabulous with kids. I would recommend his programming to anyone. Carter could hardly wait to go every week and for me as a parent, that’s huge!”

-Stephanie Fulkerson, Carter’s Mom 


I had the opportunity to meet Doug through my university coaches. It is great to see someone love the game, especially enjoy teaching the game as anybody I have seen! He has not only helped my with my golf swing, he has also helped me gain a more competitive edge mentally on the competition. With his positive teaching style I was able to finish; top 4 at all of my University events, as well as, complete my University career with player of the year.

Coach Doug is a huge asset to the game and I would recommend his program to anybody who wants to become better on and off the course.

-Jordon Newlands, OUAA Player of the Year, Western University Mustangs.


My son Ty has been working with Coach Doug for the past 5 years. From the very first day he built a strong ty-us-kidsrelationship with him. His ability to break down Ty’s skill set and develop a program specific to his needs has resulted in a more confident and passionate golfer. He focuses on developing the complete athlete. Not only does
he focus on technique but also his mind-set. As a coach he knows the balance of when to push and when to support. My son is a multi-sport athlete and Doug has a way of finding the connections between all of his sports. He has been there to support his triumphs and talk him through his failures. Doug also spends time discussing Ty’s golf goals with him and sets a plan to meet them. Doug is a truly talented coach whose passion for teaching and the development of his students is second to none. -Shelley Werynski, Ty’s Mom

“Coach Doug prepares me for the disappointment that might happen out on the course and pushes me to be my best. He never says you did that so wrong we can’t find a way to fix it, instead he says you may have that wrong but we can fix it. Coach Doug has always supported me and I am thankful for that.” -Ty Werynski, Aged 10