2012 PGA of Canada Jr Leader

US Kids Top 50 Master Teacher

It could be that you won’t find anyone who loves what they do for a living more than me. Life is way too short to let the little stuff get in the way of seeing the big picture! Over the course of my nearly 30 years as a member of the Canadian PGA, I have always enjoyed how the learning of golf continues to bestow on those willing to grow. This has guided me to seek out challenges in new and exciting endeavors. It is essential to give yourself a canvas in which to paint a clear picture of your career, so you can continually add to its wealth of knowledge. This is the cornerstone that drives my great desire to help others, build strong relationships, and see others succeed at their goals.

This is why I started the Focus Golf Group Academy. Providing amazing, top-level instructional programs while using the latest technology allows us to tap into our 5 step process to help you find the road map to success. Thank you for visiting our site. Enjoy.





"I love golf because of Coach Doug. He is funny and awesome. Golf lessons were always fun because of Coach Doug. I can’t wait to go back."

Carter Fulkerson 
Aged 7

"We just wanted to thank Coach Doug for yet another great golf season. Carter learned a lot from Doug both on and off the course. Whether it be about discipline and respect or learning new golf techniques, Doug made it fun for the kids and the kids knew what to expect from him. Doug is patient and is fabulous with kids. I would recommend his programming to anyone. Carter could hardly wait to go every week and for me as a parent, that’s huge!"

Stephanie Fulkerson
Carter's Mom

"Doug through my university coaches. It is great to see someone love the game, especially enjoy teaching the game as anybody I have seen! He has not only helped me with my golf swing, but he has also helped me gain a more competitive edge mentally in the competition. With his positive teaching style I was able to finish; top 4 at all of my University events, as well as, complete my University career with the player of the year.

Coach Doug is a huge asset to the game and I would recommend his program to anybody who wants to become better on and off the course."

Jordon Newlands
OUAA Player of the Year, Western University Mustangs