Hi, I’m Doug!

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10 years ago becoming a junior golf coach completely changed my life.

I had been working as the GM at a private club in Cambridge, ON for only 49 days, when I found my self standing on the front doorstep to my house with the boxes from my office. I had been terminated!

As the cliche says, “When one door closes, another opens.” Well, little did I know that was the best thing for my career, not to mention my soul! 

Now, I have the best job ever: I run my own golf academy, coach some of the best junior golfers in Canada, and get to work from anywhere in the world.

So how did I manage to succeed in a crowded industry that’s constantly evolving?

When I got over the initial shock of being removed from the role I “thought” I was destined to play, to the reality of “what’s next?”

That left me with a decision. During my entire Golf Professional career I had always taught golfers at every age.  It always brought me huge joy to see people improve and be so thankful for that improvement.

From that moment, I decided to fully commit to teaching the game that I love. I have spent thousands of hours sharpening my teaching and coaching skills and developing my roadmap process for golfers to have direction to where why want their game to go.

In 2012 I made the decision to reduce my adult clients and successfully transitioned to coaching junior golfers exclusively., Over the past 8 years I have coached hundreds of juniors on how to love, enjoy, begin and improve their golf game.

That’s when it hit me: while golf is my craft — and I love it — coaching is my passion.


“The Ability to Coach Comes From a Deeply Rooted Sense of Compassion & Desire to Make Others Better”


How Does Focus Golf Group Work?

  • Focus Golf Group - Coach Doug


    That’s me! Coach Doug!  I’m one of the industry’s most sought-after junior golf coaches. Being your golf coach would be an honour. But FIRST we need to see if there is a fit. Let's get together and see if we "click!" (Oh and I’m usually more modest, I swear!)

  • Focus Golf Group - Let's Talk

    Let's Talk

    Talking in person, over the phone or video, is SUPER important so we can get to know each other (both parents and kids!).  This way we can ask questions, observe how we interact, and see if we will be a good fit, before building your Golf Roadmap

  • Focus Golf Group - Roadmap


    Building a Roadmap is essential to help navigate your pathway through golf. Taking into consideration like; tournaments, practice, nutrition, fitness, development timelines and training schedules are key elements that are often confusing and hard to figure out. Utilizing my "Window Pane" we look into your golf and help map it out. Remember, "How do you know where to go if you don't have a Map to show you?"

  • Focus Golf Group - Feedback


    Feedback & Communication are essential ingredients for a Coach and their players. I utilize some of the industry leading tools to communicate and provide feedback that directly influences your learning. With my in-depth knowledge and relationships with industry experts like me, your development is First and Foremost. 

  • Focus Golf Group - Choose your speed


    You choose your speed. All junior golfers are different, and Focus Golf Group gives you the flexibility to train around your busy schedule. It's about finding the correct Roadmap for you that fits your budget, your desire and your game! Let's see where we can go by building your Roadmap together! 

Shelley Werynski

My son Ty has been working with Coach Doug for the past 5 years. From the very first day, he built a strong relationship with him. His ability to break down Ty’s skill set and develop a program specific to his needs has resulted in a more confident and passionate golfer.

He focuses on developing the complete athlete. Not only does he focus on technique but also his mindset. As a coach, he knows the balance of when to push and when to support. My son is a multi-sport athlete and Doug has a way of finding the connections between all of his sports. He has been there to support his triumphs and talk to him through his failures. Doug also spends time discussing Ty’s golf goals with him and sets a plan to meet them.

Doug is a truly talented coach whose passion for teaching and the development of his students is second to none.