Find a coach who is there for the Journey not the Glory. A Coach who's passion is not how many lessons that you take in a season, but how many shots you take in your round. A Coach who understands that even though golf is everything for you, you are not just Golf. Lastly, a Coach who, when you are watching the PGA or LGPA Tour dreaming of being a Superstar, he already thinks you are one!"

"That's Coach Doug"

- Steve Moore, PGA of Ireland Golf Coach, Steve Moore Golf 


Doug is an extremely passionate, patient and hard-working golf coach. I have yet to meet someone as committed and aspired to help others as Coach Doug.Doug Lawrie Golf` His passion and desire are always demonstrated through his infectious energy and enthusiasm.
He has an extraordinary ability to build roadmaps with the latest technology and develop programs for students of all ages and different learning styles. I am truly amazed by his dedication, creativity and attention to detail.
Doug focuses on developing the whole athlete and person. He not only helps with improving swing mechanics but also helps to build a more confident mental game. He is always there to support and encourage me through the numerous highs and lows. He also spends time to discuss my strengths and weaknesses as well as a plan to reach my goals.
Doug is always willing to improve his knowledge and find improved ways of delivering his expertise to students. He is simply a unique and remarkable golf coach.

With the help of Coach Doug, I have built a stronger love for the game of golf.

- Kathy Yao, Provincial Competitor Golf Ontario, Grade 11 Athlete - Oakville Trafalgar High School. 





"The fact that you are truly passionate about teaching your students makes the experience way more enjoyable. The things you do for me are beyond what anyone else could possibly give me; from the calls before a tournament, to the video calls on the range. The relationship I have with you is something beyond the golf game.

-Eric Zhao, Junior Golfer, Canada National Junior Team





Our son - Luke Smith - started working with Doug a few months before his 10th birthday in the summer of 2017.  In 6 years, Doug has not only become Luke’s coach, but he has also become a friend, mentor, confidant and trusted member of our extended family.

As a coach, Doug connects with each of his players individually. He knows what each of his students need and how best to communicate with them on a personal level.

Luke’s golf game has flourished under Doug’s guidance. His extensive technical knowledge has been instrumental in building Luke’s swing. Doug has also played a huge role in developing Luke’s course management skills, build

ing proper practice habits and managing and harnessing his emotions. In short, Doug has helped our son improve and mature both on and off the golf course.

As parents, we are very grateful to have Doug in our lives and we know that we hit the jackpot with this relationship.

- Kyle & Lindsay Smith