Coach Doug’s Top 50 Things I Learned This Year!

This is my 8th edition of the Top 50 Things I Learned This Year. It never fails, surprises, changes and incredible stories to name a few populate what was an adventurous and well travelled year! I truly hope that 2023 is a year that brings you joy, happiness and success. Remember #betterneverstops so you shouldn’t either. All the best – Coach Doug

  1. Competing in a golf tournament 9 months after almost losing your life is not only inspiring it is literally a miracle. Dayton Price you’re amazing and you taught me what the true meaning of inspiration is.  
  2. Bandon Dunes is a special place to play golf. 
  3. Delta Airlines are first class 
  4. You can hold a camp for 18 High School aged kids and not lose your mind 
  5. Playing High Calibre Junior Golf is NOT easy. 
  6. Planning a tournament season that maximizes exposure and fields is an art form. 
  7. Surrounding yourself with a “tribe” of like minded individuals only improves your skill and mindset 
  8. Taking a golf trip with your child is  something every parent should do. 
  9. Hagrid’s Motorcycles at Universal Orlando is a FANTASTIC ride. 
  10. It takes ZERO effort to be kind. 
  11. That listening to hear Vs. Listening to respond are very different. 
  12. Your EGO is your enemy 
  13. Often the OBSTACLE is the way to success. 
  14. Maximizing your time in short focused bursts with a player is an effective and productive coaching strategy. 
  15. Every private club in 🇨🇦 should go shadow a Discovery Land Golf Property to see how the best do it.  
  16. “Always tell the truth. That way you don’t have to remember anything!” is a saying EVERYONE should follow. 
  17. My wife is the reason I am as successful as I am. 
  18. Online coaching is effective and works no matter the distance. 
  19. My daughter does things which immediately snaps me back and makes me realize she’s just me in a newer version!  
  20. Savannah Grass is unlike any grass golfers have experienced unless you are from Trinidad. 
  21. Being the Best Man & MC at your buddy’s wedding is a LOT of work & fun in the same. 
  22. Titleist is the very best golf company to be a partner with. 
  23. Golf Canada is heading in the right direction. 
  24. Sharing as much information to help others is incredibly fulfilling. 
  25. The coast of Oregon is incredibly beautiful. 
  26. The Capilano Suspension Bridge in Vancouver is amazing
  27. Travelling with your juniors is an adventure 
  28. My 90 year old Uncle and 87 year old Aunt make me want to live to their age 
  29. God is forgiving and gracious. 
  30. Be consistent in your trade 
  31. Stay in your lane and don’t try to be too much to too many as it only saturates your effectiveness 
  32. Zoyza is a great grass to play golf off of 
  33. Watching a 15 Year old eat his weight in BBQ makes me remember that was me a long time ago!
  34. The French Federation of Golf is doing amazing things with their players at the Amatuer and Junior levels 
  35. I have GREAT friends I mean GREAT
  36. I love Austin, Texas 
  37. Your feet are so important to your body’s system 
  38. Character Over Image 24/7
  39. Make yourself available 
  40. Family First Always 
  41. US Kids Golf is as big and important to the growth of golf as is Titleist / Taylor Made / Mizuno / Cobra / Ping etc…
  42. It’s incredibly rewarding watching players you’ve helped in some capacity choose their Post Secondary future 
  43. The irange tripod is a game changer for coaching. 
  44. TrackMan allows me to be quantifiable 
  45. A Golf Course Closing permanently is incredibly sad 
  46. Being present at your player’s tournaments is essential if you are going to call yourself a COACH 
  47. I can only wear full back golf caps so as to avoid the embarrassing tan line. (D) 
  48. Using a multitude of accents while coaching kids only makes them laugh, all of the time. 
  49. You will never know just how amazing your juniors are until you face adversity and THEY step up and send you messages of encouragement.
  50. The USGA are an incredibly thorough organization

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