Doug Lawrie

   Five words that mean the absolute WORLD to a child who plays sport. Hearing these words from a coach or parent are KEY to their success. This development of the TOTAL child is how I coach my students. 

It could be that you won’t find anyone who loves what they do for a living more than me. Life is way too short to let the little stuff get in the way of seeing the big picture! Over the course of my almost 25 years as a member of the Canadian PGA, I have always enjoyed how the learning of golf continues to bestow on those willing to grow. This has guided me to seek out challenges in new and exciting endeavors. It is essential to give yourself a canvas in which to paint a clear picture of your career, so you can continually add to its wealth of knowledge. This is the cornerstone which drives my great desire to help others, build strong relationships and see others succeed at their goals. This is evident in the requests for mentoring, advice and references by those I have taught in College, when I was employed at a course, or become their instructor/coach.

This is why I started the Focus Golf Group Academy. Providing amazing, top-level instructional programs while using the latest technology allows us to tap into our 5 step process to helping you find the road map to success.

Thank you for visiting my page I appreciate it and hope I can help you reach your dreams in golf


Coach Doug

Some of my greatest accomplishments and proud moments include: PGA of Canada

  • 2013, 2014, 2015 US Kids TOP 50 Coaches Award
  • 2015 US Kids Top 50 Master Teachers List
  • Creator and Coach of Golf Association Of Ontario’s  (GAO) NXTee Program
    • 2013 US Kids TOP 50 Coaches Award
  • 2013 Lead Junior Coaching  and Instruction Contributor on
  • 2012 PGA of Canada Junior Leader of the Year  
  • 2012 PGA of Ontario Junior Leader of the Year
  • 4 Time Ontario PGA Teacher of the Year Nominee
  • Awarded Score Golf’s “30 Best Tips of ALL Time” (#18) 
  • Taught and Instructed to over 500 Professional Golf Management Students since 2001
  • Helped Mentor and Coach over 100 students into Golf Business careers