Golf Professional 2.0 – Part 3 “New Year…New You?”





Wouldn’t life be simple if you were able to change careers by getting a gift certificate or a gift card under the Christmas tree? This would be easy. Just hop on over to the store and shop for that perfect job!

But what if the job you wanted was out of stock? Or it didn’t fit you properly? What would happen if that perfect job you thought was EXACTLY what you wanted turned out to be completely wrong for you? Made you look horrible and did not co-ordinate with the rest of you? How would this make you feel? Bewildered? Perplexed? Disenchanted? Depressed?

In my first two Golf Professional 2.0 segments (click HERE if you missed them) I spoke about choosing your path and how Golf can really keep you guessing about where you want to focus in the Golf Business. This installment is going to speak about how I found my “Gift Certificate” and how it happened when I least expected it.

I thought I knew where I was going. I thought I knew my path. I was wrong. It wasn’t always so clear to me. I was working towards what I thought was my “dream job”, I was going along the General Manager path. When I got there it felt right. It felt like I had achieved everything that I was working for. The interesting part was that all the while I was working on the 1st path I was actually walking along a path parallel to this one. I never thought that the 2nd path was in fact the path I should have been concentrating on.

Malcolm Gladwell, author of “Tipping Point” wrote about how there is a certain moment where the balance of things spill over and change forever the way it may be perceived, used or grown. I truly believe that this can be said about your career too.

How did I discover this? What was the tipping point for me? It actually came from NOT being hired for a job. A gentleman on the hiring committee had a follow up meeting with me and offered to help me. That would lead to my introduction to a gentleman who would change my life.

“Helping others is not done for self gratification; it’s the right thing to do” – Anonymous

He introduced me to, Jim Carlisle. Jim as been in the Executive search and coaching business for over 20 years. He recently published a book called, “AIM – The Powerful 10 Step Personal and Career Success Program,” which outlines his tried and tested methods to building your pathway to understanding yourself. The introduction and work I did with Jim was incredible. It was like I was reborn. It was the first time I had ever worked with someone like Jim and after only our first meeting Jim enabled me to “See the forest and all of the trees!” Finally I had answers!

So as you can see I had help in finding my way. I didn’t think I needed help. But then again you don’t see yourself the same way others do. Everyone needs some direction. Do you? Or are you hoping that next Christmas that Gift Card or Gift Certificate will be waiting under the tree for you? Don’t wait to find out. Go out and clear that path for your own success.

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– Doug

A Networking, Social, Relationship Building, Motivational, Influential PGA of Canada Golf Professional, Coach, Instructor, Mentor and lastly a really great DAD!  Doug Lawrie is the CIO (Chief Influencing Officer) of the Focus Golf Group, and has been a proud member of the PGA of Canada for 20 years.