Coach Doug’s 7th Annual: Top 50 Things I Learned This Year!

Doug Lawrie Focus Golf Group 2020


Another year has gone by and WHAT an incredible year it was! This will go down in the annals of history as one of the most unforgettable (some want to forget none the less and I don’t blame them!) years on record. While I learned the importance of washing your hands, wearing a face mask and generally staying away from people, I didn’t include any of that negative COVID crap in my 7th Annual Top 50 List of Things I Learned This Year! i hope you have a read and find thinking of some of your own lessons learned from this CRAZY year 2020! I wish you a FANTASTIC 2021 and that you learn LOTS!

  • Coach Doug

Top 50

  1. Those you’ve been a mentor, colleague and friend to can often be your best ally when it’s your turn to vent or show emotion
  2. Pivot when you must pivot 
  3. Sharing ideas is important 
  4. Golf Coaches can rally together when faced with a global pandemic 
  5. Golf is the salvation for so many when fear and strife are knocking at the door 
  6. My wife is a freaking rock star.
  7. Holding hands with the person you love is necessary 
  8. Even a phone call to a junior checking up on them does wonders for their souls 
  9. Don’t underestimate the ability or knowledge of a 5 year old. 
  10. Team 🇨🇦 Head Coaches are truly amazing and fantastic men. 
  11. Suzy Whaley is as brilliant as she is amazing at coaching golf 
  12. Staying connected to your peers is important. 
  13. Just doing YOU is the right amount when it counts 
  14. Character over Image is still the best pathway for anyone to take. 
  15. You can do more than you are expected and yet it may still not be enough if they don’t trust you. 
  16. My online video coaching has gotten sharper 
  17. Relationships are the cornerstone of coaching. 
  18. A Coach is a LOT different than an Instructor 
  19. You cannot coach players standing on a driving range. 
  20. People will make time for you during a lockdown pandemic and let you ask crazy questions to them.
  21. It doesn’t matter whether you are male or female, being a member of the PGA has no gender bias and should be looked this way. 
  22. God has always had me EXACTLY where I am most needed and supposed to be. 
  23. You aren’t competing in life against anyone else except yourself. 
  24. TikTok has allowed me to combine golf and dance moves and laugh a whole lot. 
  25. Suddenly you realize that a whole 2 hours can go by watching TikTok 
  26. US Kids Golf still does for Junior Golf more than most of us realize. 
  27. Being a mentor is very fulfilling 
  28. Help when asked, you will not regret it.
  29. You’re at your best when challenged outside of your comfort zone. Embrace it. Learn to work with it.
  30. My daughter is a wonderful reincarnation of my mom. 
  31. When asked to help those less fortunate my PGA of Canada brothers and sisters stepped up to help Food Banks Canada. Not once but TWICE. 
  32. Sometimes kids need to walk away from competing not because they aren’t good at it, but for their own reasons and THAT’s ok. Support them and encourage them. 
  33. My son is unreal at Call of Duty!
  34. Watching someone coach and NOT saying a word is hard to do but essential to hear every word. 
  35. Taking a golf lesson is something you should do at least once a year. 
  36. Saying no is hard but necessary. 
  37. Sweet Tarts are still my favourite candy
  38. I start my day with an EMPTY tank. Every interaction, chat, lesson, session and message fill my tank and keep me fully charged all day long. This is why my job is PERFECT for me. 
  39. My wife starts her day with a FULL tank. Every interaction, chat, lesson, session and message deplete her tank so at the end of the day she’s in need of recharging. Which is important to know and why our marriage works!  
  40. Yoga is STILL the best for overall mind and body!
  41. Titleist is the BEST golf company in the world. 
  42. A Nespresso coffee machine is both dangerous and delightful
  43. A child’s laughter is still Nature’s Red Bull
  44. James Hong is a STAR WARS LEGO MASTER 
  45. When you need to use your network, it will give back to you when asked. 
  46. Always be early & prepared for Junior clinics, camps and lessons. 
  47. Your imagination is one of your BIGGEST weapons 
  48. Don’t be afraid to tell someone that you’re truly happy for them or excited for them. 
  49. Be the coach you always wanted to have when you were playing sports 
  50. Always Remember That: BETTER NEVER STOPS