Option to Quit Makes us Work Harder!

This is a great post by Greg Marker a trainer who has actually shown that if we are given the option to quit we actually TRY harder, finish tasks and attain goals. Believe it or not!


This article leads directly to a discussion I was having with a parent about their daughter who has ADHD and during our lessons I have found it tremendously successful when she gets frustrated and down on herself, to give her the option to QUIT or she can decide what it is she wants to do. Now that’s not saying I allow her to end the lesson or walk out, but I simply put the decision in HER hands and it is an incredible motivator.

As coaches I think this is a vital part of our learning as we have to be able to know who we are coaching and how to motivate them as best we can. I guess sometimes it takes the “Road less Travelled”.

Read his article here:http://breakingmuscle.com/sports-psychology/why-the-option-to-quit-actually-makes-us-work-harder