Hit Longer Drives – Sequence For Distance

One of the biggest keys to hitting longer drives is utilizing the stored power available in an efficient swing sequence. So today we wanted to share with you a great practice drill to improve your swing sequence and this applies if you are a junior golfer or weekend warrior.

One of the biggest reasons golfers fail to hit consistent long powerful golf shots is they have the wrong swing sequence.

How is a baseball pitcher able to contort his body and throw a baseball 60 ft in upwards of 90 MPH?








The same way the Olympic High Jumper is able to propel themselves into the air (as if to defy gravity) and leap a bar set at 7ft or higher.








Their entire movement is structured, layered in an exact step by step process to be the most efficient and powerful at the OPTIMUM point in their execution. Golf is no different.


Miss a step, change your movement and the sequencing of your swing will need compensation to execute it correctly. Now when that is travelling in excess of 100mph and in only 1.5 seconds, the chances of your brain and nobody working together is really challenged.

So if you want to improve your power and hit longer drives try this golf practice drill: “The Step Drill”


If you want to see a video of this click here: STEP DRILL VIDEO

Enjoy and see many more simple golf drills to hit it longer and straighter on our Youtube channel