Top 50 Things I Learned 2016

Here are the TOP 50   
Things I’ve Learned This Season. 




1. There are some AMAZING Junior Golf Coaches in this world!
2. Kids are incredible teachers
3. Bravery is watching a 6 yr old move into the bigger kids group
4. Speaking at a Grade 2 level works for kids and especially adults
5. Being SILLY is OK and actually therapeutic
6. 10 yr old girls can play like LPGA Tour players
7. The Story “The Day The Crayons Quit” guarantees laughter 100%
8. You can teach an old dog new tricks no matter how long they’ve been a professional
9. Share what you know with those who ask because keeping it a “secret” is ridiculous
10. Acupuncture is a godsend
11. I have the most AMAZING and UNDERSTANDING Wife.
12. Ask a 4 yr old to describe a golf ball then listen
13. No matter how much you pour into students you have to ALWAYS remember they might leave
14. ADHD is the secret to my success and I am so thankful for it
15. Ice Cubes on a hot day bring smiles
16. Make time for yourself & the ones CLOSEST to you
17. If you want ideas for games, walk through the board game section of Toys R Us
18. That you can change lives because of this game whether they are 5, 20 or 70
19. Colouring breaks during a lesson are sometimes a MUST
20. Ping Pong is an essential skill
21. Solar Sleeves are a gift from the golfing gods
22. Being positive is infectious
23. Just because you coach some big named players does not mean you have good character
24. That you ALWAYS have to remember who your audience is
25. US KIds Golf makes dreams come true
26. A Child’s Laughter is still Nature’s Red Bull
27. Instagram has grown my understanding of the golf swing
28. Payne Stewart was special and would have made the most amazing Ryder Cup Captain
29. Custom fit golf clubs are an ESSENTIAL piece of your complete puzzle to play better
30. Just hanging out and being a cheerleader is ok
31. Sometimes 3 holes is just enough
32. Changing the culture of instruction takes time
33. 7:30 am swing theory chats in Toronto are 7:30 pm in Shanghai
34. Josh Donaldson’s baseball swing is a great visual for golf
35. Playing as many sports as possible as a child is a MUST
36. 70 lbs of Dynamite can make a golf ball go 205 yards
37. Some of my best pro-friends I wouldn’t know if not for Social Media
38. Dustin Johnson is a freakish athlete
39. Steph Currie is pure talent
40. Coaching takes planning and a deep rooted sense of COMPASSION
41. PLAY is a child’s FIRST language
42. Water Balloon Speed Filling Straws are a HUGE time saver
43. You cannot EVER mail it in working with kids
44. Character is the cornerstone to being a good person
45. Creativity is the baseline of a WONDERFUL junior program
46. Kids deserve your patience
47. Bring the Backshop Kids Ice Coffee when it’s 90 degrees out to say THANK YOU
48. You are NEVER done learning
49. Watching your student win a world championship will make you CRY every time
50. That #ilovemyjob

What’s your TOP 50?

Have a Wonderful 2017 Everyone! – Coach Doug