TOP 50 Things I Learned This Year



Every year I start to think about what were the DEFINING moments and GAME CHANGERS that helped form and create the previous year of learning, experiencing and understanding.

Here are my TOP 50 Things I Learned This Year. There are still some on the list from my original 2015 List, but there are plenty of NEW items. I hope you can find your own personal favourites and that 2018 is a wonderful year for you, your business and your family.

Sincerely – Coach Doug

  1. Sharing your best thoughts and ideas with other professionals is important and uplifting
  2. My wife is still the KEY to my success and I am thankful for her every day!
  3. Social Media continues to educate me every day
  4. My Golf Club – Credit Valley Golf & Country Club “gets it” when it comes to Jr. Golf
  5. Golf is a wonderful medium to enrich friendships
  6. US Kids Golf has completely changed Junior Golf & continues to set the bar
  7. Listening to your students is a MUST
  8. Caffeine is a good thing
  9. My teenage son can pick up a Golf Club  twice a year and hit amazing shots
  10. You need to REALLY be there when your friends NEED you.
  11. Parents need Coaching as much as their Juniors do.
  12. Being GREAT from 80 yards and in will result in birdies and lower scores
  13. Apple Air Pods are an incredible piece of technology
  14. “Par 18” is the best indicator of how good your short game is.
  15. If you want to have a giggle, ask a group of 3-5 yr olds to describe a golf ball
  16. While I see the benefit of the “Team” practice, Golf is an INDIVIDUAL sport played by a single player
  17. You learn a lot about people when in a car with them for 12 hours.
  18. Having good Character is a key ingredient to being a GREAT coach.
  19. Fitted golf clubs have a huge, positive effect on your game
  20. I am going to miss teaching my PGM Course at Niagara College after 16 years
  21. A Frisbee is a great warm up activity
  22. There are a lot of “Golf Pros Who Cook” and can do it extremely well
  23. A Dollar Store flying coloured disc can double as a putting aid.
  24. The Putting stroke can look many different ways and yet be VERY efficient
  25. That 75 lbs of Dynamite can swing her driver faster than her weight.
  26. You are only limited to your imagination
  27. Being SILLY & GOOFY are ingredients of a Junior Golf Coach
  28. Driveway Markers have 101 (ok maybe closer to 20) uses
  29. Parents & Coaches who work together as a unit have a greater chance for success
  30. Roadmaps help your students succeed faster
  31. Mentoring others is GOOD for the soul
  32. The more my daughter ages the more she looks like my mom who she would have LOVED.
  33. Helicopters make really good swing thoughts
  34. That a mid 40’s, Flat Brim wearing, surfer talkin, internet sensation has FOREVER changed golf instruction #GUCCI
  35. Planning your day gives you WIGGLE room
  36. People leave their job all the time to chase their dream and for their OWN reasons
  37. My Church is a place where SMILES happen
  38. I DO NOT like losing to anyone in anything, especially an 11 yr old GIRL (#girlpower)
  39. We are in the RELATIONSHIP business and they can take on many different shapes
  40. That a CHILD’s LAUGHTER is the equivalent to a “SUPER-SIZED” can of Red Bull!
  41. I do my best thinking when listening to Progressive House music
  42. I would be LOST without my iPhone 7+
  43. Helping a Student land a Golf Scholarship gives you goose bumps
  44. Aimpoint is essential if you want to be a good putter
  45. Social media is not a place to argue a point, belittle others or make fun of someone
  46. Writing out goals is a great way to motivate yourself
  47. You can ALWAYS be better
  48. My dog Georgie can make my worst day vanish the minute I walk in the door
  49. There is a DEEPLY rooted sense of HELPING others attached to EVERY fibre of my being.