5 Keys To Building A WICKED Jr Program

5 Keys To Building A WICKED Jr Program

So you are the new kid on the block. You are beginning your position at a new club and one of your tasks is to revive and / or design the Junior Golf Program. Some would say “easy,” some would say “not so fast,” and some would even say “help!”

5-things-to-do-with-funnelsIt is somewhat of a daunting task unless you have been doing programming and development for a long time.

I have found that there is a formula to follow which will JUMP START your programs and set the tone for repeatable and continuous business. Here are my TOP 5 KEYS to Building a WICKED Jr Program:

  1. Do Your Research –  Ask fellow pros what they do that is successful. Ask what programs they’ve offered at your club in the past. Check what access juniors have to programs (do they have to be a member to enrol?)
  2. Host a Pre-Season Junior Orientation  – Prior to the season beginning offer a “Junior Orientation Day” for parents & juniors to attend meet you, see your new programs and ask questions.
  3. Offer a Program with Potential “Fallout” – Often programs are run without looking at the potential “Fallout” for other Programs, Lessons, Coaching and Camps to benefit from the program in focus. Your program should be so good that when you are asked about details on any other program you have it ready to give them details.  fall-out-programs

4.  Get Parents / Grandparents Involved – Times have changed in golf. Focusing on the Family Unit and programs that can involve them ( Caddying , Chaperones, Volunteers, etc..) which only nurtures the bond.

5. Quality Over Quantity – Resist the urge to over subscribe your programs or have a group size that far exceeds what you can control and effectively manage. This is very important in the effectiveness, safety and learning of the program. Research has shown that a maximum of 6:1 ratio student to EXPERIENCED instructor is best, while a 4:1 ratio is sometimes better depending on the age of the group. However you decide you want to go, it will result in better “Fallout” into other programs and you will be able to scheduled more programs to accommodate the over flow. 

Try these 5 steps and you will start off with a BANG! 

For further information or questions please contact me directly at: doug@focusgolfgroup.com

All the best,

Coach Doug