A Few Good Men…(Ok More Than Just a Few)

  • Kyle German

  • Conor O’Shea

  • Matt Diedrichs

  • Joe Garvey

  • Adam Cherry

5 Names. A Few Good Men. All of them former PGA of Canada Professionals, whose original plan was to create a legacy and career in the Golf profession. A couple great players. A social media up and comer. A solid golf coach. Now one of our Zone’s most solid professionals. All GONE!

I have been a PGA of Canada professional for 25 years. I haven’t seen this kind of exodus out of this profession like I have over the past 3 years. Now the Head Professional at my club Credit Valley Golf & Country Club has decided to leave as well. I get it. No really I do. Being a PGA Professional (meaning working IN the golf business and not playing the game as your job) these days is not easy. Pressures of Owners, Boards, Customers and Clubs to maintain budgets, make a profit and do the proverbial “More with Less” is now the norm. I’ve been there. I’ve felt this pressure. It’s unsettling. It’s sleep depriving. Add in some family pressure and the heartstring tugging and “POOF” more and more are GONE!

The Blog: Golf News Now just posted an interesting story on if you are considering a career change? It shines some light on things that are very telling about this business while asking you a very interesting question: “Can you see yourself staying in the position you are currently in for the remainder of your career?” I know that personally I  have found the Key to the Kingdom in coaching Golf. I know that I can see myself doing this for the rest of my life. It’s my joy, passion and every day I get out of bed I am EXCITED to get on the lesson tee. Good days or bad, I know that I have been able to create my success and been fortunate to have a Club that believes in all that I do. But just look at the response of the readers who voted on the Blog’s question: 

Every single professional that has left this business has had their reasons: Quality of Life, Work / Life Balance, Family, Money, Career Opportunity. Whatever the reason and whenever the decision is made I know that the battle is often equivalent to standing in an MMA Octagon and going 3 rounds with Connor MacGregor or the Ring with Floyd Mayweather. It is not easy. EVER! I think to make a change and walk away from something that, at times, was all you knew and wanted to do takes balls. We are a society that try to “read between the lines”  and forge our own ideas and reasons. We somehow cannot accept the simple fact that when you reach the end of the path and need to find a new one.

I admire all of those individuals who have faced this incredibly difficult decision. I faced it early in my career, but chose to stay and I am forever grateful. I am disappointed somewhat as well that really good people have left this business. One’s I think could have been game changers, new blood and ones that could have helped make a difference in this game of golf. I know my Head Professional is a wonderful man, great father, good player and LOVED being a Golf Professional. He’s chosen a new path that will give him the opportunity to do things he hasn’t done in a very long time. He’s excited about it. In fact as I watch him speak to members and tell them about it there is a little sparkle, a fire in his body language and tone. I think this is how I look when I’m speaking to my students because I found it. Now it’s his turn. For that I am so very happy for him and those who have found similar peace. I get it!


Sometimes CHANGE is a GOOD thing.

Coach Doug