All I Want for Christmas is…

You already said thatAll I Want For Christmas is….

Ahh the eternal line from the song made famous by Alvin, Simon & Theodore. It always makes its way across the airwaves at some point during the month of December in that wonderful high pitched melody. But it does get me thinking, “What do I want for Christmas this year?”

Well I think this could be fun. I am going to try and relate my list of what I would like for Christmas in Golf through relating each wish to a movie Title, Quote or Line. (this could prove very interesting) So here is my Top 10 list of what I would like for Christmas….

  1. “If you build it and he will come…(Field of Dreams)”– Allow More Access for Kids to Play Golf – Simple fact. Get the kids & the parents will not only support it, they may even follow.
  2. “Just Keep Swimming…(Finding Nemo)” – Too many of my colleagues, former students and really good professionals are leaving this business for one reason or another. This needs to change and keep working towards a goal.
  3. “May the Force Be With You…(Star Wars)” – Brooke Henderson, Nick Taylor, Mackenzie Hughes, Rebecca Lee-Benthem some of Canada’s best and brightest to inspire a country and young people to chase their dreams continue to inspire a nation for the future.
  4. “Man who catch fly with Chopstick accomplish anything…(The Karate Kid)” – Always remember that what may seem the HARDEST to overcome can be done with belief oneself. Keep going. Don’t stop.
  5. “To Infinity…And Beyond!…(Toy Story)” – Keep encouraging, inspiring and leading others to be the absolute BEST they can be. Sometimes they need a bit of direction or a nudge but do it in a way that helps show them there is a future.
  6. “Why so serious? … (The Dark Knight / Batman)” – Golf has rules, they aren’t made to be broken. BUT the enjoyment of the game is why people stay playing. Ask a child why they PLAY and they will say because it’s FUN! Ask an adult and you might get another answer.
  7. “You had me at Hello…(Jerry McGuire)” – From the very first time I saw a ball soar off into the sky, the game of golf had me hooked. It was because there is nothing like sending an object into the air that only YOU are responsible for. That feeling alone is BIG enough to bring people back and try it again (Just watch at the local driving range). How can you capitalize on that feeling?
  8. “Say Hello to my Little Friend…(Scarface)” – While the line from this movie is referring to a completely opposite direction of this blog, introducing a friend to golf is a perfect way to give others the opportunity to try a sport they can play for a lifetime. Your actions can have far reaching results.
  9. “Nobody’s Perfect…(Some Like it Hot)” – Exactly. Eternally searching for the “perfect” swing or attempting to play “perfect” has ruined more talented players than we can shake a stick at. Learn to love your experience and everything golf is and has to offer. You will be amazed how more enjoyable it is.
  10. “I’ll Be Back…(Terminator)” – Finally my last wish for this Christmas season is a reflection on the job I love and hold most dear. It wasn’t always this easy to say #ilovemyjob. I thank God each day for this blessing I have been given to make a difference in the lives of those who I teach, inspire, lead and coach. I too am like Arnold, I keep coming back and will continue to do so relentlessly until more kids love this sport and PLAY becomes our first language again.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I hope 2016 is your very best year yet!

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