Coach Doug’s 5th Annual Top 50 Things I Learned This Year!

  1. The US Junior is an amazing experience 
  2. Putting w Bigger Balls make a difference in 3 footers
  3. Your “reach” is far greater than you can ever imagine
  4. You cannot ever give up
  5. God plays a HUGE role in my life 
  6. I love helping younger PGA professionals 
  7. Hosting a US Kids Golf Seminar is a MUST
  8. Hosting a Scott Cowx Certified Seminar stretched my brain 
  9. Organizing a Sasho MacKenzie impromptu seminar was a great education 
  10. I have some AMAZING peers in this business who may not be “flashy” or “social” but are rock solid 
  11. Making “Christmas” golf jingles brings the best out of my fellow coaches 
  12. Social Media is Hard. 
  13. It is hard to convince a junior Golfer no matter how much you see it, that they have a different gear then everyone else. 
  14. Puberty derails coordination really fast. 
  15. TikTok is funny 
  16. Investing in yourself is important to being the best version of yourself. 
  17. A Life Coach is someone who can shine the light where you can’t find it. 
  18. Mentoring is fulfilling 
  19. A’s hire A’s and B’s hire C’s 
  20. Being a Chicken Hawk means you don’t back down from anyone. 
  21. 87 lbs of Dynamite is lethal 
  22. Watching a fellow coach’s player shoot 63 to win a World Title is unreal!
  23. Scotch and a Cigar sneaks up on you. 
  24. Being nice isn’t hard 
  25. Wine Gums are yummy 
  26. My name being called 1653 times in a week drives me nuts 
  27. Unless you are driving your own bus you cannot ever think you’re in control of your destination. 
  28. Some ideas are without a doubt the most insane and unbelievable. 
  29. Disney World is such a wonderful place. 
  30. Playing GOOD golf is rewarding and confidence building. 
  31. I have to do yoga at least twice a week to keep my body in working order 
  32. I love my two children more than they will ever know. 
  33. Golf is hard 
  34. Patience is so important to be great at anything. 
  35. The wonder of a 4 yr old and being able to watch her laugh as she learns is a lesson in creativity 
  36. A golf instruction book is a good reference BUT is NOT a substitute for standing on the lesson tee. 
  37. Trackman & Foresight are amazing tools to help you and your players get better. 
  38. You can shuck the responsibility for your actions but you cannot escape the consequences. 
  39. A true Friend is someone that walks w you when u need them 
  40. A child’s laughter is nature’s Red Bull super sized can 
  41. Titleist is a wonderful company to be affiliated with. 
  42. I ❤️ Instagram 
  43. Sometimes you need to change direction to find your path 
  44. No matter how hard and how bad my day was, my dog Georgie can immediately make it all go away. 
  45. I could not be me without my amazing wife. 
  46. Understanding your routines and habits will make you a better golfer 
  47. Putting prowess is the key to lower scores 
  48. A Coach is more than swing and strategy 
  49. Stick to what you want your social media to be and get really good at it 
  50. You cannot stop learning.