Posture Makes Perfect

When teaching the golf posture I have always used a simple routine to show how simple it is to achieve the correct position. Next to the grip, posture is the probably the next biggest fundamental that is key to good golf swings.

How many times have you heard this; “You lifted your head” or “Keep your head down” from your golf buddies? They are trying to impart that somewhere during your golf swing you are lifting your head which changes your body and invariably you miss, top or hit a poor shot. They couldn’t be more incorrect. Sure they are attempting to help you cure your problem but in doing what they ask you are actually building a recipe to create even more swing problems.

Here, let me explain. When in proper golf posture, your body actually stands in a position that it doesn’t recognize. Your butt is stuck out, you’re bent from the waist, there is a slight flex in the knees, you are leaning over towards the ball, and your chin is “up” in a relaxed manner. Your body doesn’t get into this position in any other sport…

Check it out for yourself in this photo:

Sport Posture Labelled x 4


So when addressing the ball and taking your posture to the ball try to visualize this guy:

Fake drinking bird cropped

The perpetual motion BIRD?? But of course. Look at where he bends from? See how straight his back is? His legs are just bent a little? Beak is held high and not tipping down! Yes he is a wonderful visual to keep! Don’t forget to ensure your weight is positioned behind the balls of your feet and is located in your arches, equally in both feet.

So don’t forget that your head has nothing to do with your success in striking the golf ball more¬†consistently. I mean how do blind people play golf? It’s all about Posture Makes Perfect!


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