The Golf Technology Advantage

flightscope2It’s November, which means the snow is only a few weeks away. Now for most die-hards out there, this brings on such sadness, as it the end of the summer golf season.

Well, I am happy to sit here and remind you that just because the snow is falling, it doesn’t mean that you have to stop swinging!

Indoor Winter golf in Canada is one the best kept secrets in this game. In a way, the indoor golf season is a nice reprieve as it forces us to truly practice without being distracted by playing, like we are in the summer.

I urge you to find a local indoor golf academy, make use of their technology and keep practicing your game. When next summer rolls around, the hard work you put in all winter will have paid off! Golf used to be just a 6-7 month sport, but now with the awesome technology we have access to, pros can truly have a successful business year round.

Just yesterday I was a guest speaker at the Flightscope Certification Course, speaking about how this  technology allows juniors to hone their games. The crowd was enamoured with my stories of how Flightscope helped my juniors come out of last winter hitting 50-60 yards longer.

Juniors love the Flightscope technology as it simulates more video game-esque play. If you’d like to come try this technology out, come see us at our indoor winter academy at 1233 Dillon Rd in Burlington