Where do you take it?

I remember early on in my golf career speaking with a member at the club I worked at just north of Toronto. I had only begun my teaching of golf, and was still very green in what I “knew” vs what I “thought I knew” . The discussion was the member telling me that my little tip to “take the club a little inside” on the way back helped him to produce a “draw”. I was very happy with this and continued to think this was “the norm” for a little bit…..

Boy was I wrong! Over the course of my 20+ years since this “revelation” I have seen what is the “norm” in the takeaway for the Golf Swing. This movement sets your swing. It controls the delivery, the pace, the ability to sequence it, and most of all can really be an easy fix for those of you “come over the top” At the Focus Golf Group Academy we use our 5 steps to success program to help Build you a Road Map to better golf.  The evaluation covers all aspects of your swing and allows a Focus Golf Group Academy professional to pin point the exact place your swing breaks down.

Outside of the setup the TAKEAWAY is the root of most problems. WHY? Let’s go back to my little tip I gave the member oh, 20 years ago or so. Look at this picture of PGA Championship winner Keegan Bradley taken from a recent Golf Digest article:

Keegan INside takeawayNotice where the club is? This is the most common fault of the TAKEAWAY I find. It flattens out your swing (like a hula hoop) and results in your body reacting by “lifting” the club UP and over your shoulder. This then sets your upper body to start the delivery of the swing, creating that dreaded “over the top” move leading to slices, poor ball striking and errant shots.



KLeegan Proper FormConversely, lets take a look at where the club is on this picture on the right. Notice that while the hand position at this point in the takeaway is the same the club is performing completely different. Keegan has not let the club head get behind his hands as in the first picture. This is going to allow him to lever (hinge) the club in a correct fashion. This will also promote a shaft that will stay on plane (angle in relation to the ball) because his elbows are able to stay closer together too. 

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– Doug

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